Our Jewelry

MEANING: Survivor
Translated to mean “Survivor”, the beautifully handcrafted script of the design says ‘nhia no roa’ in Khmer, the ancient Sanskrit based language of Cambodia. And while the exterior is clean and simple, the interior of the cuff is intricately inscribed with an intimate message of freedom. A message that serves as a reminder that we all have the right to be Born Free and to Live Fearless. Hidden within the cuff also lies the geocoordinates of Cambodia, the home country of the survivors that you will be personally helping through your support of The RISE Collective, keeping those who may be physically far, always near and dear to your heart. Because through our collective efforts, when we work together, we all rise.

MATERIALS: Recycled Munitions & Responsible Repurposing

The Signature Survivor Cuff is made from recycled brass munitions that still riddle the countryside of Cambodia to this very day; the same munitions that Mei Elizabeth’s family was forced to evade during their escape from bondage. The use of recycled munitions does not only provide an environmentally responsible material, but also one with great personal meaning as it brings attention to the devastation left behind by war. Live and stagnant war remnants that would otherwise threaten to harm innocent people, are instead harvested, disarmed and recycled to be used as the base metal of each piece. Weapons of war are thus transformed into statements of survival and freedom, while returning the once inhospitable land to the people of the region.